Listen to a “Before and After” Recording of “Revenge” by Lily Rashid

It’s a lot of fun to hear a song come together – from it’s early stages just as lyrics or a simple home recording to a fully realized band production. This is one such example of a song we recorded last week with Lily Rashid from North Carolina.

Here’s her original:

And here’s the version we produced for her at our studio in NYC:

Oftentimes the most exciting part of a project like this is laying down the final vocal tracks. For this Lily opted to come to NYC to work with us in person. She performed beautifully and we wish her all the best with the release of her newly completed single.


Had a great session with Lily Rashid from NC yesterday. Almost done with the mixes. #laetolimusic #nyc #vocals #recording

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For this session we used a Vintage U87 microphone and Avalon 737 and recorded in our live room.

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