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If you want to post your own songs on YouTube and other online places, you will need to create some sort of video. Slideshows are out-dated. Today’s audience is less forgiving and expects professional results. Regardless of the budget you must produce content that sticks.

When you’re ready to promote your music, creating a music video for online promotion is a great way to add exposure to your artist name and/or brand.

A music video can be expensive. Lyric videos provide a simple and cost effective way to promote your music. You can now hire Demo My Song™ to create a lyric video for you when you hire us to produce your song. Need a lyric video maker? Place an order on our website.

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Youtube is the #1 source for online music listening.

Traditional music videos can be costly to produce. There has been a recent trend in the music industry to create lyric videos instead. Lyric videos are usually very simple, with one or more images in the background and text displaying the lyrics as they are sung. For those who love karaoke, lyric videos are a great alternative to traditional sorts of videos you can find online. Help your fans find your songs on YouTube. They’ll be singing along in no time!

Kamie Wagemann - Demo My Song

Can We Help You Make a Lyric Video?

Many wonder, first, is there a lyric video maker out there? Second, is it easy? Third, is it worth the time? Yes, there are several lyric video makers out there ready for anyone to use. Yes, it is quite easy once you’ve got the technique down; this is said from personal experience. Finally yes, it is worth taking the time to take advantage of a lyric video maker. This transforms your song. It gives the audience a different way of listening to music by forcing them to look into the lyrics and connect with the writer. Although making lyric videos are simple after time, they are very time consuming. If you find that you are interesting in lyric video making for your music but don’t have the time to do so, we can help! You can include having a lyric video made for your music in our packages. Or, if you would like us to make a lyric video for your song individually we would be more than happy to! Have a musical week!   Kamie

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