Trystan Matthews

Music Producer | Founder

Music Producer - Trystan Matthews - Demo My Song
Demo My Song® Founder, Trystan Matthews

While I was attending Berklee College of Music in Boston, one of my professors pulled me aside. “Song demos” he said.  “If you want to make people happy by working on music, that’s how to do it.”  This sage advice was the beginning of Demo My Song.

1500+ songs later, Demo My Song now consists of more than 20 industry professionals, music producers, and musicians.  We cover every major genre of music and work with artists of all levels.

“My goal is to prove my professor right about making people happy, one production at a time.”

Trystan’s recent cool credits include mixing a live recording for Grammy winning artist Cory Henry and collaborating with Grammy winner Brent Kolatalo on releases from our label, 5050songs.

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