About Us

We co-write, record, and distribute music with songwriters and lyricists.

Meet the Songwriting and Production Team

Our team is an un-stoppable ensemble of songwriters, studio musicians, and producers working together with you towards one collective goal — making great music!  We offer direct collaboration with seasoned studio professionals and session singers, many of whom are Berklee College of Music grads.  We even give you the opportunity to collaborate directly with a Grammy Winning Producer!  You can market the finished recording however you want, or you can co-publish with us and we will handle everything you need to release your music including distribution to iTunes, Spotify and more.  Click on a staff portfolio image below to browse the many talented musicians and singers offered exclusively at Demo My Song™.

Female Singers for Hire

When you hire us to record your song we can record your own vocals, or you can hire a Demo My Song staff vocalist.  Our session singers have years of professional experience and we offer vocalists suitable for most styles of popular music.

Male Singers for Hire

Music Producers

The music producer creates the vibe.  They provide the back-bone that becomes the basis for your sound.  So of course, finding the right producer is key to making your music sound just the way you want.


Behind every song there is a story.  When you pull back the curtain at Demo My Song, you will find the team that drives our story with you forward.  Head backstage to meet the talented people who will be helping you on your exciting musical journey.



We are driven by a love of songwriting. Collaborating with up and coming lyric writers and singer-songwriters is our passion. If you need help writing a song or completing a song you’ve already begun, contact our songwriting and production team and we will get your project moving forward.


Once you’ve written a song you are happy with, the task of creating a great sounding recording can be a challenging and costly task. Above all you need a producer you can trust, and musicians who understand your true vision. That’s where we come in!


After we produce a great sounding track with you, we can also help you distribute your music for sale on popular sites like iTunes, Spotify and more.

Ready to get a song recorded?