Top 100 Songs | 2017 | Love is Mystical – Cold War Kids

Top 100 Songs | 2017 | Love is Mystical – Cold War Kids

“I was supposed to do great things, I know the road was long. But I wasn’t raised to shoot for fame, I had the safety on.” Cold War Kids

Once I heard Love is Mystical by Cold War Kids on my New Releases on Spotify, I was immediately drawn in by the catchy beat and piano in the beginning of the song. The melody is infectious, and I haven’t really heard anything else like it come out this year!

Cold War Kids have been a very popular Indie/Pop band for a few years now. A few of their other singles that drew attention: First, Hang Me Up To Dry, and Miracle Mile to name a few. “Love Is Mystical” was released as a single on February 2nd, 2017 which leaves us some time to guess what the rest of the new album will sound like. Can’t wait!

Kamie Wagemann - Demo My Song
Kamie Wagemann - Staff Writer

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