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We co-write and produce original music with lyricists.

Hire a Songwriter

Do you write lyrics or poetry? Hire a songwriter at Demo My Song™ and we will produce your lyrics into fully written songs. Optionally, we will even co-publish your music on 90+ sites and services including iTunes, Spotify and more. All we need from you is your lyrics, or a simple scratch demo recording of your song. You can even send us just a simple recording of you singing into your phone. We take your rough ideas, and collaborate with you online or in-person at one of our studio locations in NYC.

We love collaborating with lyricists!

Since 2004, the songwriters at Demo My Song have helped over 500 artists set their words to music. We take the craft of songwriting seriously, so each and every song with co-write with you is an original piece of music, tailored specifically to your project needs. After the song is composed we also provide you with a studio recording of your song which you may self-publish, or alternatively you may co-publish with us and we will also provide original album artwork and distribution of the song on 90+ sites including iTunes and Spotify.

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How do I hire a songwriter?

Step 1: Select a Songwriting and Production Package..

Step 2: Proceed to PayPal.

Step 3: Upload your lyrics and/or song materials.

Step 4: Sign your recording agreement via DocuSign®.

Step 5: Your producer at Demo My Song will get in touch within 1 business day.

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